D. Sherbakov

The first question I asked myself when I was deciding on attending the oratory course was should I, the pastor of UMC of Sredneuralsk, attend the course in Yekaterinburg? Is this something I really need?

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Dmirty Sherbakov, Sredneuralsk UMC pastor

Does one have to develop the skills of public speaking – the one who makes a public speech once a week (or more often sometimes)? And my answer was ‘sure’. Next question: do I have to commit my time to this course if I already have a lot of tasks? Good question. I made a decision to put this course in the priority list (without disturbing other church plans) understanding that I needed to get better with my public speaking.
What was included in the course?
I’d rather call it ‘training’.
TRAINER: At first, I have to say some words about the trainer. Of course, nowadays one can read the book – there are plenty of them. Or watch brilliant video trainings. But are they able to substitute a living person? One can read about right ways of public speaking, but will the book be able to advise you on your mistakes? Is it possible for YouTube to check your diction and make necessary corrections? This is only the teacher who can point on your strong points – which are hidden from you and from those who has no idea about oratory. Who is going to patiently explain you the art of public speaking?
This course was presented by Veronika A. Moskvina – associate professor of the Speeh department of the Yeakerinburg State Theater University, ‘Honored worker of culture of Russia’. Member of the Theater Union of Russian Federation. Experienced, wise and very patient teacher.

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Veronika A. Moskvina, the teacher

TRAINEES: The price of the course was rather cheap, especially in the times of crisis. Students were not rich but hardworking people. Plus, representatives of various ranks. Most of them were businessmen and managers. I had a chance to meet lawyers, accountants. There was one pastor – the author of this article. Aged 16 thru (!) …, well, people in their productive time. They had their own stories, each of them were unique. And I got in touch with each of them. The most useful for personal development is the acquaintance with people who earn 10 times more than you do.
What the ORATORY is? It turned out that the fear of public speaking was the second fear after the fear of death. That’s why we try to postpone it. Postpone it or never do it – never prepare for it. Everything changes once you start getting pleasure from your public speaking, when you are tuned on to success. In this case you prepare well, your speech goes wonderfuly.
Well, the speech contains 3 parts: 1. Emotional component, 2. The form of presentation and 3. The content, what do we really say. Emotion is something that touches the listener very much. How to prepare emotional component of the speech? Tune up the best, recall the things that bring you joy. Get joy from the speech yourself. The form of presentation is the technique. The way presenter looks like, his/her clothes, the diction, voice tone, junk words. What we say – is the informational content. Are we good at the topic or we waffle (but waffling skill can be useful too). Lack of knowledge about the subject is rarely pardoned by the audience.
What else is useful for the oratory skills? Teacher inspired us to read more of good literature, classic books and love poetry. I found out that Russian poets had often written about God. 'The prophet' by Pushkin, several 'Prayers' of Lermontov, 'Temptation in the wilderness' by Phet, 'God provide!' by Evtushenko and many many more.
Oratory also includes the skill of welcoming people with a smile, holding a conversation, debates, talking around the table in a company, and the ability to give compliments. Pastor has to hold Church council, participate in pastoral meetings, make agreements with state authorities, and communicate with people after the worship service.
Of course, pastor is a clergy, but has to communicate a lot with business world. How does this world look like? Even having a business card is the way to communicate - it saves time and shows respect to your partner. The ways to present yourself, to dress properly, to talk, to start the conversation, to defend your notion in discussions – this is what you can learn on the oratory training.
Photo. Sredneuralsk UMC Congregation 'True light'

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Sredneuralsk UMC Congregation 'True light'

D. Sherbakov, Sredneuralsk UMC pastor
Pictures by Sredneuralsk UMC and website http://egti.ru/svedenia/rukvo/rech/moskvina/
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