author: Natalya Guryanova

Among various family problems there is a new emerging one: the issue of disabled children, who can hardly find social contacts. There are quite a few families in the town of Novokujbyshevsk with handicapped children who require special care. Mostly, these are single-parent families, where mothers shoulder the burden, many do not even have stable income.

Notwithstanding the illness, the children are very talented, just as their parents. In order to broaden the circle of social contacts the «Opora» (eng: «Reliance») centre was founded which now unites 25 families. Later «Astrey» theatre was developed. Throughout the year there are 4-5 small drama pieces prepared, which are deeply moving and touching. These performances have already earned medal places in various competitions and festivals.

Theater "Astrey"


The parish of «Bastion of Christ's humility» met these families 5 years ago, spiritual needs, not material, was seen as the prior one. That's how the ministry of Novokujbyshevsk UMC began in the «Opora» centre.

We usually visit the centre twice a month: we talk with the parents and their children, we tell them about Christ, about God's work in our lives, we give testimonies and pray together. At first the families were cautious, but now the ice has broken, they are listening to our stories with pleasure and receive «The upper room» devotion leaflets as a gift. Some have already received children Bibles; we hope to continue this tradition further on.

We organize larger events for Easter and Christmas with games and gifts for children. We celebrate and focus on the Christian background of these holidays. There are quilling, decoupage and beadwork workshops among various handwork meetings that we organize.

Last year we started to support 12 needy families from «Opora» centre. Four times a year we provide them with substantial food packages.

Each drama peace requires financial resources, costumes and scenery. The mothers are preparing those by themselves, our church tries to support them. This was a successful year and we are looking forward for the long-lasting friendship.

Natalya Guryanova,
UMC «Bastion of Christ's Humility»
Novokujbyshevsk, Samara oblast
Photo: Novokujbyshevsk UMC
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