author: S. Pugachev

‘Eurasia Initiative’ has been on of the ministries of the General Board of Global Ministries of UMC.

More than 20 years this mission contributed to the visit exchange of pastors and leaders of partner churches from the U.S. to episcopal territory of Eurasia, Bible study groups, theological education, leadership development, integral ministry in the spirit on John Wesley.

These were the topics discussed on the last conference ‘Eurasia Initiative’ that took place in one of Moscow suburbs in May 2015 with participation of bishop Eduard Khegay and church leaders of Eurasia, and partner churches from the U.S.

Eurasia Initiative GROUP2.JPG
Eurasia Initiative, Moscow, 2015


Participants of the conference noted that within last 6 years, due to implementation of the ‘Road map’ in Eurasia UMC, many new leaders have appeared who are ready to take more responsibility. As a result, number of churches in Eurasia gained new skills for independent ministry.

Nevertheless, everybody agreed that American-Russian partnership will continue until there is a need in prayer, resources and volunteers. The next step will be the churches partnership program ‘In Mission Together’ which allows to develop healthy relations between sisters and brothers in Christ from different cultures thru God’s grace that transforms and inspires.

‘In Mission Together’ equips, assist and provides resources to churches for joint partnership that builds strong relations for long time and allows participation in historical development of the mission of UMC - grow and move forward creating new congregations for new people.

S. Pugachev, Communications department of the Eurasia UMC
Photo by Ullas Tankler
Translate by Anton Kuzmin