July 11-17 Lay leaders from the United Methodist Churches of different European countries met at the Conference that was held on the shore of very picturesque Lake Ohrid in Struga, Macedonia.
Brothers from Ukraine Oleg Melekh and Vasiliy Braynik were representatives from Eurasia area.

Vasiliy Bryanik is a lay leader from Uzhgorod. His ministry is work with refugees, socially unprotected people, elderly and lonely.

V. Bryanik.png

Oleg Melekh is a lay leader from the church in L’vov. He is a artists and designer.

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Together with brothers and sisters from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia they participated in joint worships, made presentations about their countries and talked on ministry questions in their churches.
«Strength to be Free» - these words were the theme of the conference.

They sounded in sermons, group discussions on different Bible themes and situations which we as a church and believers face every day.

During the conference the participants went on excursions to the ancient town of Ohrid, to the rock monastery at the shore of Lake Ohrid, to brothers in Podgradets town in Albania. They saw the Rome road where Apostle Paul was walking. At the last day of the conference they has a workshop on drawing with aquarelle.

Oleg Meleh: «I’m pleasantly impressed by fellowship, peace and joy… It seemed that I had known these people my whole life. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to be there».

Vasiliy Bryanik: «I’m very grateful to the leadership team and all those who was involved in the organization of this wonderful conference in Macedonia. There were a lot of worries before the trip, but, thanks to God, everything was wonderful. The conference was held on a bank of a very beautiful lake in a historical place. But for me the most important thing was communication with believers who came together to share their faith, concerns and feelings. Many shared their successes and future plans. Such testimonies inspire me a lot and give me strength and courage for my ministry in the church».