author: Pastor, Kanat Khojamuratov

Studying the Apostle Paul’s epistles, I saw, how he took care of communities; he visited them or sent other servants there. After that we got an idea to start the ministry which is called “Carry the burdens of others”. In 2014 the youth group from UMC “Ushtobe” visited Pavlodar UMC, we were testifying about our faith through sincere service.

In 2015 the team of 9 adults (servants) went to Pavlodar, there were 4 people – presbyters, 1 person – a pastor, 2 people- pastor’s assistants, 2 people – leaders of the worship team. One of the presbyters was Oleg Starodubets, the Superintendent of Central Asia district. We went to Pavlodar with such a strong team, because we have a saying “We don’t leave ours”.

First evening, on the 20th February, Kanat Khojamuratov, the presbyter and the director of Educational Center in Central Asia told about Wesleyan way of salvation among two united home groups of Pavlodar.

After a short break, a pastor Maxim Yurchenko led an interesting seminar about Evangelization.

Second evening, the 21st February, sisters from the church met at the pastor’s house, they had a good communication during Sister’s Ministry.

Brothers met at the church building; among them was Bishop Eduard Khegai, who came from Moscow.

Brother and Sister Ministries were for the glory of God and for the good of His Church.

Third Evening, the 22nd February, we worshiped Lord together with brothers and sisters of UMC “Pavlodar”. Leaders of the worship team from UMC in Bishkek led us in worship (photos). Our Lord revealed His presence. Superintendent Oleg Starodubets shared the bible preaching. After the satiety of our spirit, we went for the meal. Sisters from Pavlodar cooked a delicious pilaf and we drank tea, which our brother, Magomet prepared.

After the meal Bishop Eduard Khegay led the conference, where we discussed different variants of improvement of quality in Ministry in UMC Pavlodar. The congregation was active is discussion.

After this communication, brothers went to sauna, and sisters prepared the celebratory table with meals to congratulate brothers with feast “Defenders of the Fatherland Day”, everything was really good!

Summarizing the ministry “Carry the burdens of others”, I can say with confidence that this ministry is useful and biblical. We heard thankful comments from congregation, leaders and pastor of UMC Pavlodar, so we can say that our purpose was reached. Such ministries edify, bring together and unite; they pull those who are backward. I recommend that the leaders in Eurasia will get the motto, “We don’t leave ours”! If someone will feel hard, call us and we’ll come for help.
I wish all people of God blessings from Him!

Bishop Eduard Khegai’s comment:

Photo 8.jpg
Bishop Eduard Khegai with pastors and leaders of UMC in Central Asia district


“I thank the Lord and our brothers and sisters in Central Asia for a good experience to visit each other, in order to encourage in faith, share positive experiences and carry the burdens of others. I pray that more churches will visit each other and share faith and love of Jesus Christ”.

video: Bishop Eduard

Photos: bishop Eduard, CAD

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