Thanks to God, by His mercy, already for 4th year we were able to have youth camp for the youth and young adults from Ukraine and Moldova. Every year we do all possible to find resources for the camp, to make participation in the camp affordable for everyone. Everybody, including organization team and leaders, pay their contribution, all leaders serve at the camp as volunteers.

During camp planning team do their best to pay major attention to the spiritual sphere of the event. Every participant was blessed in a special way at the camp this year. Two brothers sent their sharing.

Feedback from participants:

This summer 2015 our youth team from “Revival” church has visited a Christian camp of United Methodist Church in Transcarpathia once again. Every year our youth is looking forward to this event and wants to take part in it. Previous camps left a lot of good memories, so we prayed and expected this camp to not be the less interesting and what is more important – to yield spiritual benefits.

Participant of the camp


The name of the camp “What’s up?” certainly intrigued and generated interest as to “what is that they will talk about?” Later, at the camp we realized that they will talk not about something, but about somebody, and not about "somebody else", but about us! And this theme is about us, about our soul, about things that take place deep inside everyone, I believe it didn’t leave anyone indifferent. Through seminars, sermons, songs, testimonies and prayers the Word of God permeated into my heart and made me think what is going on inside of me, what is my real condition before God and what unresolved issues are there in my mind. In fact, very often we don’t want or don’t dare to take a look inside, we’re afraid to face ourselves. We don`t let Jesus fill our hearts up, purify us, heal all wounds and pain that we bear, perhaps, even from distant past, that keeps affecting us and our relationship with people. We often do not want to admit and reveal to God and other believers our inner problems. In turn, we are rarely interested in the problems of others, in state of their souls.

So during the camp time everyone could pounder on himself, on his relationship with God and people, on things that are to be changed, and what decisions have to be taken. The Spirit of God worked in my heart and in hearts of young people. God’s presence was especially strongly felt in the last evening at the communion when through the wounds and blood of Jesus our souls have been set free and healed.

I would like to note that youth have had a good and active communication and even language barriers did not prevent it. Games, hobby groups and delicious food granted a positive mood.

Glory and praise be to God and thanks to all the organizers for this wonderful and blessed time we spent together! Sasha Roslyakov, Chernovtsi.

Week of praise and worship, it is how I can call time spent at the camp in Mukachevo. Time of “koinonia” with brothers and sisters. It was nice to see brothers and sisters, to be in communion with them and to share with one another. The theme of the camp was very good and very actual, I can say right in the bull's eye. I am thankful for small groups, in which we could open up to one another and talk personally about the actual problems in our lives, to share experiences of life with Christ. Vladimir Prokip, Lviv.

Slogan of the camp: «"Як ся маєш?" - "What’s up?"»


Time at the Youth Camp was a great blessing, together we learn from Christ, are filled by His presence, worship Him. Throughout the year, we are preparing for the camp and pray for God's guidance. Thanks to God that to this day He blessed us, and believe that He will bless in the future. We invite everyone to join our camp, and we will serve Christ together.

Youth Leaders UMC Kamenitsa, Ukraine